Beloved Evolution whispers to You

by Mary Belknap       (post #29)

In the past month, I listened to a marvelous teleseminar – an hour-long dialogue between Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber. The seminar series was described as The Guru and Pandit Dialogues for 2013. The first session in the series focused on the question, “What is Enlightenment for the 21st Century?”

If you aren’t familiar with these two teachers, you can google their names, and find intriguing articles on Evolutionary Spirituality (Andrew) and Integral Philosophy (Ken). There will be five more (free) seminars in their Guru and Pandit series during 2013.  I learned several useful and insightful seeds from their audio-session. There was a potent and beautiful moment during the Q&A portion of the seminar, when a young man from the U.S. Southern region asked them in a heartfelt way, “Can you share with us an integral view of Jesus? I love Jesus, and have done so my whole life. And I love the work you’re doing. But I don’t have an experience of the connection between Jesus’ message and the integral approach… and I’m grateful to both of you [Ken and Andrew] for all the wonderful work you’re doing. I love you guys.”

Wow. That was a gorgeous opening, in trust and intimate reaching out by that listener, inviting the “guru and pandit” (spiritual teacher and spiritual scholar) to open up and talk about the message of Divine Love that helps us expand our hearts and minds – to each other, to all of humanity, to greater Knowledge, and to life itself – which, in my view, is an integral part of Enlightenment in the current cycle of earth history!  Regretfully, that didn’t happen. Andrew passed the question to Ken. And Ken didn’t see, or chose not to respond to, that opportunity. He answered as an academic – starting with a disclaimer that “we really can’t know what the original teachings of Jesus” were about. And soon he veered off on a digression about Buddhism’s three turnings and how various great teachers have interpreted Gautama’s original lessons.

What was missing, for me, was a recognition and acknowledgment that the young male American in 2013 is yearning for an Integral View of it “all making sense” through both Mind and Heart – and wants to connect the philosophic wisdom of these two Western intellectuals with his experiences on the devotional dimension of the Christ path. Let’s hope that he discovered some inner compassion toward the two teachers who didn’t quite reach deep enough to meet his spark in that moment.

There were earlier portions of the seminar that I was truly grateful for. Andrew described Enlightenment as a “transcendental leap to the non-relative or Absolute… where a person realizes that everything that comes before the leap is then seen as Relative.” In this sense, “true freedom” is the liberation from every-Thing… the unconditional and radical ISness prior to manifestation, prior to Timespace, prior to Things. Everything and everywhere that we see (through any of our human five physical senses, our emotions, or our mind) is WITHIN this infinite and radical context. And the Absolute is real-ized in more depth through each cycle of human (and cosmic) evolution, while remaining Itself unchanging and ALL. We are realizing more dimensions of the cosmos than humans did a thousand or even a hundred years ago. Sounds like a post-modern description of Mother-Father God and God’s unfolding Creation, doesn’t it?!

Their conversation highlighted the emerging view that Humanity – especially the portion that is awake enough to wonder about these Big Questions – is itself the growing tip of the Universe coming into form. The formless Ground of Being (or Source, Absolute, All That IS) has no beginning nor end, no “existence” within Timespace, and therefore no growth (as we know the term). Yet its twin – manifested forms – is indeed evolving… especially in the past five hundred years as humans have learned through science that the Form world is continually manifesting. The cosmos is no longer perceived as a static “umbrella of stars” above our heads. The manifest Universe is itself unfolding, changing – indeed, EVOLVING.

In my book, Homo deva: Evolution’s Next Step, I discussed a similar dual-view of evolution unfolding through both Ascent and Descent into the Kingdoms on Earth. As several spiritual traditions describe, the Descent arc is the Absolute coming “down” and incarnating into matter, touching One-to-many into the realm of Form, intermingling… becoming intimate-through-and-with Forms – indeed becoming the Beloved of Forms and as forms. That is another way of thinking of the Soul… our Soul, since there is truly only Unity at the Soul level.

And the Ascent arc is our human way of describing the individuated forms “waking up” to the deeper connections between each “them”, each “us”, and finally waking up to the integral Unity that is our destiny as well as our Source. In tangible life, this phase will (we hope) eventually bring Peace on Earth – peace and justice and sustainable planet – a goal that tens of millions of people are working toward, struggling about, visualizing upon, and praying for. We as 7+ billion Homo sapiens are the nexus, the intimate pivot point, where path of Ascent and path of Descent meet… collide… move through fission toward FUSION.

From the book Homo deva (p.262): Gautama Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth are prime pioneers of an emerging wave of evolution. “As the Homo sapiens wave entered its cultural expansion several thousand years ago, the lives and words of these two humans brought divine pulses of early Homo deva. In other words, while living fully within the fourth kingdom, these two individuals grounded pulses of high-voltage brain organization from the fifth kingdom. And naturally, their advanced neurological organization (brain-heart-mind) produced potent messages that disseminated widely through human consciousness. They were early transmitters of the next major quantum step of bio-psycho-immunology. Or, to express the same thought in physics terms, they embodied a much greater coherence of laser-energy than the humans of their time. These two served to link Light and Love (analogous to amplitude and wavelength, respectively) from the Homo deva level down to the Homo sapiens level, so that their students of over two millennia ago could understand a little of what they were thinking and saying.”

Homo deva Trailblazers

Gautama Buddha   Prime pioneer of Phase 1     “brain fire”    LIGHT

Jesus of Nazareth   Prime pioneer of Phase 2     “heart fire”    LOVE

As this post is being published the day before Easter, I send love and blessings to all those who celebrate this special holy day of renewal, of resurrection of Hope for a more peaceable world. May each of us live in ways that will help Humanity pass through its own Golgotha, and navigate through the death of Homo sapiens culture, into the Rebirth of Joy.

Shifting gears to an event during April: Two questions that leap around in my brain as I’m finishing this blog post:  What would Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber say about the upcoming Citizens Hearings on UFO’s that will be held during April in Washington, DC?  note: On the five days, April 29- May 3, 2013, a large gathering of both civilian and military witnesses will enter their personal testimony about UFO experiences during the past forty years into an official record, in front of several former members of the U.S. Congress. It’s an important turning-point in our national awareness of and conversation about some larger realities.

As one acquaintance of mine commented last week, “If the U.S. doesn’t step forward and responsibly handle the Disclosure issue, then other nations are going to do it, and we will really look foolish then.” That friend wasn’t aware that the governments of several nations, including France and Brazil, have been openly discussing UFO’s for over thirty years; and in fact, have Departments of Special Investigations for UFO’s within their military. For example, the Colonel overseeing the Brazilian Air Force reported that during his several years in that job, there was about one UFO report filed each month; that is, a report that had ruled out all other known reasons for the physical object that was registered on radar and/or visual sighting.

Actually, I don’t worry whether the U.S. looks foolish. But I do care about our leaders creating a new foundation of integrity about talking to our 320 million citizens as mature beings who deserve to hear, and are ready to handle the full truth of higher dimension (beyond 3D Spacetime) realities – I believe it’s time to help the mass public grow up, and no longer be treated as immature children.

The second question that is whispering through my brain is that the Indigo Children, and their beautiful experiences of multi-dimensional realities, do not yet appear in the scholarly work of Andrew or Ken. Integral Philosophy and Evolutionary Spirituality, as currently taught, do not speak to realities beyond 3D-Space. For example, the reality that five year-olds can meet physically for the first time in a city park when their mothers take them separately to the playground, and these children excitedly greet each other and “continue” a conversation that they have been having telepathically in a larger group for over a year. You can find articles on this – if you’re interested – by googling “Indigo children”, “inner web”, “international incidence of telepathy”, anecdotes of Crystal children.

From a larger perspective, these children’s interior emergence as connected beings with deep wisdom is exactly paralleling the exterior emergence of scientists’ and military pilots’ and commercial pilots’ personal accounts of encountering physical objects that are clearly driven by intelligence, yet are embodying technology that we may not understand for another century or more. We are in for an amazing ten years ahead, my friends. Keep your heart and mind in close touch with each other, and remember that they are voices of yourSelf – your unique, good, true, and beautiful Self.

JOYwork:  Blessings on you and your path in this springtime. The collected works of Andrew and Ken are both deep gifts to our wisdom and hope for the future. Here is link to Andrew Cohen’s blog, a recent post, “Why the World Needs More Spiritual Heroes,” in which Andrew interviews Deepak Chopra.  The ultimate freedom that WE ARE in unity together, and the evolving fullness we experience through form… We are each a Hero when we stand for Truth and Love in difficult moments, when it would be “easier” to be silent and numb. Yes, it is an extraordinary paradox. As Ken reminds us, “Paradox is just two truths standing on their heads and wanting attention!” :o )

Beloved Evolution whispers to You    (post #29)

Timespace is our friend, a kissing-cousin of Spacetime

by Mary Belknap                         (blog post #28) 

Greetings, earthlings within Timespace…

The prior post in January was about our precious year 2013 as a “tipping-point child.” Thus far, after almost two months, my impression of 2013 is that it is not only a tipping-point phase, it is an intense fractal-channel of Eternity. Each moment is bringing an intense microcosm of the whole, more “actively” connecting Past-Present-Future than we’ve experienced before. And that is one reason why the tangible moments in daily life may seem turbulent, volatile, or even chaotic. There is a deeper Breath coming through all of us, all the way through our daily lives – have you noticed this in your activities and choices? As if we each are more Focused AND more Scattered, at the “same time.” This experience is grounding a more unified “We” that is good and true and beautiful, Now and always. Perhaps quoting a new friend will help this seed become more clear.

From David Wilcock’s magnificant compilation of recent scientific findings on spacetime, timespace, and other puzzles: The Source Field Investigations (2011), here is one of my fav paragraphs thus far:

“Simply put, all the energy that makes space in our reality is the same energy that powers time in the parallel reality. And all the energy that makes space in the parallel reality is the energy that powers time in our reality! Although this seems totally impossible to visualize at first, the reason why it works is that this flowing exchange between space and time is constantly happening within every single atom and molecule of our visible Universe. That means both of these realities are stable locations we can visit – and they are totally interconnected with each other. Neither of these two realities can exist separately. They are intimately and totally dependent upon each other for their own survival. It is utterly impossible to separate them. We can watch atoms and molecules winking into and out of this parallel reality all the time – but up until now, we have had no idea what we’re really seeing. This also means the space we see is actually an illusion and every point is ultimately the center of the universe.” (Wilcock, p 271)  Whoeee! Happy pondering !!

The year 2013 is also an early adventure for humanity’s grounding a scientific principle that I discussed briefly in my 2004 book (written in 2002), Homo deva: Evolution’s Next Step.  It concerns the flow of time. Let’s revisit that discussion from a decade ago:

“Energy that enters the region of a black hole cannot escape because of the massive implosion of gravitational collapse; because gravity is a manifestation of the curvature of space-time, an object with huge mass tends to distort the geometries of space and time. A particular result of this distortion is the ‘event horizon’ of a black hole, the region beyond which you (or any object) cannot escape unless you were traveling faster than the speed of light. From what certain mystics and cutting-edge researchers have reported, the evolutionary stage that I am calling Homo deva will enable us to pass across the event horizon precisely because our identity is precipitated from a level beyond the source of ‘light.’ In other words, a being can (potentially) achieve sufficient escape velocity to move out of the black hole known to Homo sapiens science – by participating in unified Mind of Earth and exercising what we might term the “speed of thought,” or even the “speed of unified will.” Today, these concepts may sound like a fairy tale or even elements from pandora’s box. Yet within twenty years [by 2024], these concepts will revolutionize our approach to astrophysics, and eventually will enhance such direct applications as educational curricula for many children who cannot speak, or who have explosions of brain activity that no medication can calm. They need help traveling across the black hole’s event horizon within their own brains.   (Homo deva, p. 190)

“In contrast to a black hole that swallows everything, the theoretical entity of a white hole is the inverse: It spits everything out. A white hole radiates all light/energy and cannot hold anything back. It radiates (pushes away) all the energy that passes by, and does not absorb or metabolize any…  A future application of Homo deva science is that a black hole and a white hole are mathematical inverses of each other. And the transformation of one to the other is mathematically possible because of a basic assumption of Homo sapiens science: the symmetry of time. When you solve the equations to derive a black hole, and then imagine that time flows backwards instead of forwards and solve those equations, you get the (theoretical) object known as a white hole.”

JOYwork:  Imagine for a moment that there is a You in a parallel universe. This parallel being exists as an exact inverse of the “you” that you are accustomed to being. The you and You are deeply intertwined by the origin of all manifestation, whether you call this by terms like God, Creator, Source Field, Company of Heavenly Host, Goddess, All That Is, Mother Tree of Life, or something else. To paraphrase from Wilcock’s discussion above, “Neither of these two realities –you and You – can exist separately. You and you are intimately and totally dependent upon each other for their own survival. It is utterly impossible to separate them.”  What would you like to tell You regarding your dreams for 2013 ?

Timespace is our friend, a kissing-cousin of Spacetime    (post #28)


Dear 2013, a tipping-point Child

by Mary Belknap

Welcome to the rest of your life…:o)  after all the prophecies, doomsayers, hundreds of books and thousands of Internet articles about the potential impact of 2012 – here we are. Breathing life in January 2013.  Are you glad? That is a sincere question from my heart to yours… Are you glad to be here, alive on earth in 2013? That’s the focus of this blog post – because, if you aren’t authentically glad, then you are self-selecting out of the Glad tidings of the potent LIFE that breathes-through-you, even as you read this sentence.

Think about the tender moments when you have seen a newborn baby for the first time… perhaps he/she was 5 seconds old, and you were a parent in the birthing room; or perhaps you were a youngster meeting your new sibling when the baby was an hour old. And likewise, perhaps you were a grandparent meeting your precious kin two-generations removed when the wee bundle was a day, or a week old. There is an opening in that heart-connection, in that I-Thou encounter of whole-hearted grace, when your heart  whispers “Yes, you are welcome here. My heart has space for you, and my life has time for you. Thank you for joining me in this eternal moment.”

We all – you and I, and our 7 billion closest human kin – can now welcome the Babe of 2013. This species-baby is a tipping-point Child, particularly in the realm of Time. This Child is embodying as a living-breathing-fractal to guide Homo sapiens through the particles of spacetime, and the waves of timespace. The Child’s arrival comes as a singular new threshold for humanity – a portal with potential for unimaginable blossoming and expression of higher energies through peace, wholeness, healing, integrity, creativity, and joy. When this Babe reaches its potential, it will breathe us way beyond the tipping-point that so many prophecies pointed to.

For three reasons, I choose to focus on this young sweet Year as a special Child that needs our love:  First, this Child is vulnerable. There has been so much attention going to year 2012, and yet almost no attention in the collective-mind – or, even more gross energy, in the mass-media – toward the subsequent year. 2013 has entered the antechamber of our heart, and now needs our care and attention. How do we wish to “spend time” with 2013? What relationship do we want to create with this being… indeed, the Year will grow clearly as we bring our own Be-ness through its weave, through its moments. What is our highest aspiration for 2013 – in our family, our community, and our own individual hearts? There are many ways in which you can make this year truly be well-come in your heart.

Second, this Child of 2013 has incredible potential – quite literally, in scientific terms – Potential Energy. The 2013 Child has inherited all of our prayers, wishes, fervent hopes and dreams that were conceived during the 2012 “Shift of the Ages.” And now, those prayers and shifts and hopes and dreams are HERE, present with us, as the proverbial “Cloud of Unknowing” comes right down to within a few inches of our heads – and the divine Child is sublimely intended and genetically destined to help manifest those prayers and shifts and hopes and dreams. 2013 can become a master Magician Shaman Healer to incorporate those dreams in corporeal, coherent and joyful ways. All we need to do is ask – and the next steps will become known to us… through the timespace flow of 2013 in all its innocence and deep magic.

Third, the Child of 2013 has allies, has the most remarkable and resilient Family that has ever existed in our solar system. I am referring, in part, to the Four Kingdoms that are already objectively precipitated into Gaia’s three-dimensional space: Minerals, Plants, Animals, and Humans. As a result of the rare and multidimensional alignments that occurred in 2012, there are new energies (vibrational frequencies, amplitudes, and patterns) that are being registered by human brain/bodies. Through that sentiency and the inner-web with our friends in spirit dimensions, we/We are lifting the consciousness of Earth herself – from planetary Heart up to Throat. In the process of planetary initiation, new wavelengths will incarnate – and through that incarnation, the Fifth Kingdom will emerge. We will explore this more in posts this year. For now, I wish to affirm clearly to our spirit guides and many allies in subjective realms that, first, we are deeply grateful for their presence and support; and second, that “The path is clear / We have built the skyway through / the children have grown up a lot / and all send love to You.”

Seed about Time Horizon. Here is a brief excerpt from Homo deva: Evolution’s Next Step (2004):  ”Now, recall for a moment our earlier discussion about Homo devas being masters of the long time horizon. Take a steady breath, and realize as deeply as you can a simple fact: The horizon stretches out in both directions. The past exists and the future exists. You, in the present, can look first one way and then the other; or if you wish, look both ways at once. This conceptual exercise relates directly to the spiritual traditions of several native peoples in which young persons are taught lucid dreaming as a form of travel – through time. What we are approaching in the 21st century is the capacity for humanity to utilize the properties of the time horizon to create new ways of being whole, of being more alive, harmonious, and healthy – in the best sense of that term.”  (Homo deva, p. 191)

JOYwork: OK, take another breath… consider the connection between this conceptual seed about time horizon, and the year 2013. This new year is an expansion into new territory after we’ve gone through a looooong linear tunnel. The expansion “opens” both toward past and toward future. The healing that we need and seek is in becoming explorers of TIME through such powers (sailing vessels) as Compassion, Kindness, Patience, Playfulness, and Joy. During the past several millennia, humans became masters of exploring Space. Now, we as a whole (no longer just isolated shamans) are grown-up enough to become true masters of Time. The new children who are arising on every continent (and through our own families, to be sure) will be Magellans of kindness, Marco Polos of compassion, and Einsteins of playfulness. All the creativity and love and light we need for this transformation is held within the heart of the Child… and the tipping-point into that Heart is right here, right now – in the next moment of 2013.

Dear 2013, a tipping-point Child   (post #27)